Hi! I'm

Michael Boumann.

I'm a System Administrator trying to learn something new everyday in the world of technology.

More About Me
Michael Boumann

Theme Developer

System Administrator

Network Engineer

Who Am I.

I am a tech enthusiast trying to find my way in the world of technology. This led to a education in System Administration and Network Engineering, Linux/Windows server and workstation management, web development, IT servicedesk work and more.

I am currently putting most of my passion into developing my technical and servicedesk skills and developing themes for a variety of platforms such as Ghost, WordPress and Hugo.

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A wide range of knowledge in tech.

My technical knowledge spans a wide array of topics because of my passion for the world of technology. A few of the things include managing Windows and Linux servers, designing and realising a database and Web/Theme-development.

System Administrator - I'm a graduated System Administrator with a specialisation in Network Engineering (Cisco CCNA).

Themes - I am a theme developer since 2013 bringing new experiences to the world everyday! Ghost, Jekyll, Hugo or WordPress; I creates themes for a variety of platforms.

Tech Enthusiast - I've always been interested in tech. iOS or Android, Windows or Linux, hardware specs, software features and other geeky stuff.

Platforms and libraries.

During my career i have used a wide variety of (open-source) products, tools and libraries. A handful of recently used projects and tools are shown below.

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